Leopard Courier Service Rate List Per Kg International Charges

Leopard courier service is the second fastest and most reliable courier company in Pakistan. It was established by Jahangir Shahid in 1983 to provide a shipping facility to people. More than 80% people of Pakistan trust this courier company. You can also get its services. But first of all, you have to be clear about its rates per kg. In this article, I’ll provide a thorough wordy picture of Leopard Courier Service Rate List Per Kg International Charges for leopard international rates.

Moreover, the article will depict everything about in-city courier charges, out-of-city charges, and international shipping charges in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and others different countries. You can estimate your shipping charges for a particular country or city by reading the provided rates.

Leopard Courier Service Rate List Per Kg International Charges


Leopard International Logistics

The Leopard is giving its services from Pakistan to America, Canada, the UK, and other major countries. You can send your shipment easily to Leopard. Therefore, you can send domestic and international shipping with the availability of a wide range of charges. You can choose a particular package at Leopard to have a better experience. Adding on, its staff is good and experienced. Here are the different rates of Leopard Courier Service Rate List Per Kg International Charges company given below.

Leopard Courier Rate List 2023

Here are the results of the Leopard Courier rate calculator. You can easily make up your mind about Leopard by getting through its rates for leopard international rates.

Weight Within City Price (Rs.) Out of City Price (Rs.)
0.5Kg 200 280
1Kg 260 340
Each Add 500mg 130 170


Now, you can choose any package to send your documents or any other thing within Pakistan.

Leopard Courier Service Rate List Per Kg International Charges

Leopard Courier Same Day Delivery Charges, 1-Day

If you have to send something urgently, you can do so at Leopard. There is a slight difference between manual provisional charges and urgent provisional charges. Have a look at these charges. These are calculated by the Leopard courier price calculator for your ease!

Weight Same province Charges (Rs.) Province Charge (Rs.)
1Kg 160 200
0.5Kg (500g) 90 100
Up to 1Kg 210  250
Up to 0.5Kg 125 150


All these rates were about for the same-day delivery service in case of urgent shipping through Leopard courier.

Leopard Courier Flyer Price Express 

Here is the Flyer express rate at Leopard!

Weight Within City (Rs.) Same Zone (Rs.) Diff. Zone (Rs.)
0.5Kg (500g) 250 280 300
1Kg 350 350 380
Each Add 500grams 160 160 180


So, you can send your important documents in a sealed flyer at reasonable rates. It would be safe for you indeed.

Leopard Courier Box Sizes Charges 

Here is the leopard courier services parcel packing box size and price available in this article just read and get the all required information for Leopard Courier box price and size for leopard courier rates per kg international.

Leopard Courier Box Sizes Charges 

Leopard Courier Overland Charges

leopard courier rates per kg international are too reasonable to afford. You can also estimate via this table about its rates.

Weight Same Region charges (Rs.) Diff. Region charges (Rs.)
Minimum 10Kg 400 600
Each Add of 1Kg (1000g) 80 70


Overland shipping is a better option for you to land your products at your desired destination within Pakistan.

Shipment Charges From Pakistan to the USA

Most people have to face different kinds of problems while shopping from Pakistan abroad. But you do not have to be worried about it. Because the Leopard courier is giving you a chance to ship out of Pakistan within a reasonable budget range.

Weight Price (Rs.) Price (Dollars)
500grams 11685 43.2
1Kg 12000 44.4
2Kg 8760 32.45
5Kg 16250 60.1


As you can see, the prices of Leopard are easy to pay. So, you can make it a first choice to make a safe shipment in the United States of America (USA).

Shipping Charges From Pakistan to UAE

If you are a trader and need to send something to UAE, you can do it easily. For this purpose, you should get the services of the Leopard courier company. Here is the price list for shopping in UAE.

Weight Price (Rs.) Price (UAE Dirham)
500grams 3000 41.09
1Kg 3550 48.6
2Kg 3160 43.28
5Kg 5330 73.01
10Kg 90000 1232.87


Leopard Courier Charges from Pakistan to Australia

Leopard courier rates calculator gives up the following prices for shipping to Australia. Have the table of rates for Lahore to Australia.

Weight  Charges (Rs.) Charges ( AUS Dollar)
1 Kg 19474.7 104.6
2 Kg 14213.64 76.6
3 Kg 23004.2 123.6


You have both options at the Leopard courier company. You can choose either by airway to send your parcel. With it, you can choose by land way to send your parcel to Australia.

Rates Of Shipping Leopard From Pakistan to Canada

Usually, it is not easy to send a parcel to Canada. Because it takes time and charges too. But you can send your documents and other important stuff through Leopard courier to Canada. Here is the price list for this shipment for Leopard Courier Service Rate List Per Kg International Charges.

Weight Price (Rs.) Price (Canadian Dollar)
1 Kg 10752 53.49
2 Kg 7847 39.03
3 Kg 14888.75 74.06



To sum up, I would like to state that you have a better experience of shopping at the leopard courier rates per kg international. Moreover, you can calculate rates with the help of the Leopard courier rates calculator.

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