TCS Tracking Pakistan– Track Your Courier, Parcel online

For the convenience of the customers, TCS Tracking Pakistan online is introduced. If we discuss the best Courier company in Pakistan then Daraz TCS Pakistan Tracking is the first name that comes into mind. If you have sent any parcel and it has not reached the destination yet then don’t worry about this. We have got you covered with some of the finest courier services in Pakistan. We are here to provide you with TCS tracking ID PK service. Customers can grasp an entire picture of their businesses with TCS’ access to its services. Their delivery team delivers all packages on time and without any hassle. For several years, TCS provider has delivered affordable Price across Pakistan through its service. Branches are located in most major cities of Pakistan for the convenience of their citizens. The company of TCS full form in Pakistan is Tranzum Courier Services Pakistan.

What is TCS Tracking Pakistan

How to check TCS Tracking Online

Online Tracking is not a difficult procedure at all. The procedure is very simple and it will assist you in tracking your shipment. At the time of booking shipment, you will receive a receipt with a tracking ID. Now follow these steps to check its status.

  • First, check the receipt and find the Tracking Reference Number.
  • Click the Tracking button.
  • You will see a space on the tracking TCS website.
  • Enter the Tracking Reference Number there and click the Track button.
  • In a moment, the status of your shipment will be on your screen.

Logistics company provides heavy weight shipment delivery services for Trade EX, LC, Home Movers, and OLE (pk tcs ole TCS Daraz)

TCS Tracking

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TCS Tracking App

In addition, TCS also offers a mobile app that can be used to track your deliveries. This procedure is easy to follow for TCS tracking id check online Pakistan TCS Tracking App. The mobile application gives you several other options also and it is easy to use. During the shipping process, you can track a lot of information concerning the TCS shipping employees, including their positions and boarding. TCS Tracking app download procedure is very easy just open mobile app store and get TCS Tracking app download. The process for TCS Tracking online Location pk through Application is the following for TCS Tracking App.

  • Open play store or app store.
  • Search for TCS Tracking PK.
  • Install the application on your phone.
  • Open the app and click Track Courier
  • Enter the reference number of your courier and click the button “Track Your TCS”.
  • It will show you the present status of your delivery.

7 Way To Track Your TCS Shipment

Follow these all steps so you can track easily your consignment, and shipment.

TCS Tracking By Phone Number

The TCS company assigned number to the packages when they are shipped are called, They help a customer to check the details of his courier. These numbers are typically printed on the shipping slip in the form of a bar code. The client can scan the bar code through bar code scanner application and read the number then you can check easily your parcel. By Mobile Number

TCS Tracking PK by the Tracking Number, ID

You can track TCS Pakistan’s complete delivery or shipment history by entering the tracking number TCS and TCS tracking id check online Pakistan. When you dispatch the package, they provide you with an ID, this is in the form of:

  • It is a 10-number code.
  • The format is eg. 1234567890
TCS Tracking By Consignment Number

After send parcel TCS agent give a printed slip and with a TCS consignment number. Through this consignment number you can track your parcel with in second.

TCS Tracking By Barcode

Pakistan TCS courier provides automatic online tracking system to check your TCS consignment. TCS barcode will be added to Transaction Certificates (TCs) for products. Scan your barcode and easily track your parcel. 

TCS Tracking By CNIC

If you don’t have available internet connection and your will track your parcel so its not big issue because tracking TCS provide parcel track by SMS. Jut open your text massage enter your TCS tracking id send on this number +92 333 2177168 and check your parcel location. Second way is TCS Tracking by CNIC send your CNIC number on the this mobile number and track your shipment.

TCS Tracking Through Mobile Number

TCS shipment users if you send a parcel to any person and you have no facility to access the any internet connection in your area so you will easily check your consignment through TCS Tracking By Mobile Number. Just dial UAN 111-123-456 and track easily your TCS parcel.

TCS Tracking PK by Use of Email

Tracking your TCS order or parcel with your email has become the second most popular method. You can track it through the following method.

  • Compose an email and add receipt [email protected].
  • Start the message by typing the tracking ID of your delivery.
  • Also, write a little more information about your tracking and send it.
  • You will receive details about it in a few seconds.

Tracking with SMS

SMS access is another method of gaining access. SMS can also be used to monitor your package. Type a new message and cite the tracking access in the SMS. Send this to + 923332177168. Your package will be assessed based on the details you provided.

TCS Courier Tracking Mechanism

In terms of convenience and quality, TCS Courier Tracking System offers the best features. TCS follows the mechanism in which when you dispatch the item, it takes a while and calculates the maximum time to reach the destination. The customer is then told about the date when it will reach the destination. It is calculated according to the date and time list that they have for different locations. So, when you track it, this shows the status the very next time for TCS Consignment Tracking. 

TCS Online Shopping

TCS company provide TCS Online Shopping Portal for the online shopping users in Pakistan. They are start new service for the name of TCS Sentiments Express. If you are send any gift to any person in every country so just open the TCS official website and easily get required products through TCS Sentiments Express Tracking.

Studio By TCS Generation Pakistan

The best courier company TCS provide largest plate form for seller and purchaser. If you have Pakistan and International fashion related brand so you will sale your products with TCS Tracking Pakistan. TCS start in last year Studio By TCS Pakistan Generation through this platform you can buy Pakistan fashion related products Man, Women and Kids and many others products so must visit on through link.

List Of TCS Services Offered To Its Clients 

TCS is offering several services to its clients. Now, it is more than what you expected and it’s getting bigger. This will give the readers precise details about primary services.

  • Domestic Delivery
  • Mail Management System
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • TCS Travel and Visa
  • Heavy Weight Delivery
  • E-Com Solution
  • TCS Cargo
  • HEC attestation service
  • International Delivery
  • Tracking Tools
  • Leisure Travel
  • TCS Cool Control
  • Bulk Delivery
  • Self Service Centre
  • Several Banks’ postal service
  • UAE Visa and embassy service
  • Pakistan Passport service
  • Business Travel
  • Punjab Police driving license delivery service
  • Umrah Travel

Availability of TCS in UAE

TCS is committed to giving a full range of bundles and bundle benefits and delivery and after-sales services inside the UAE. Following the UAE, their administrations are designed. As a symbol of their friendship and TRUST, Pakistan has hand-skilled them with the term ‘TCS KARDO.

The reason they have turned into the nation’s co-ordinations is by conveying on-time delivery and this generates trust every day. A mix of enthusiasm and new advances are now promised to enhance their administrations to improve the effectiveness of their clients and improve the everyday lives of their customers.

TCS Post Delivery

When the shipment reaches the destination, there is some information that TCS gets from the customer. This is like post-service feedback and it is very important for them. It helps them acknowledge their weaknesses and try to improve them. Following is the information that they get from the customer.

  • Increment conveyance
  • Client trust
  • Significant experiences
  • Increment loyalty
  • Increment clients
  • Streamline assistance
  • Increment brand mindfulness
  • Wise choices
  • Conveyance experience
  • Drive commitment

Tracking in Pakistan

The aim of this service is to let you know about the progress of your delivery. TCS is the top courier company in Pakistan and it is working hard to provide more convenient services to its customers. Now, the TCS Tracking by mobile number system is introduced and it will help you know the TCS Tracking location of your parcel. Mostly, the TCS team delivers your parcels within the expected time. But sometimes, there is a delay due to some inconvenience. This is where the curiosity of the customer starts shaking. But don’t worry, TCS Tracking pk will help you to deal with it.

TCS offers a wide range of intelligent delivering arrangements inside Pakistan because it has the most prominent retail network in Pakistan and the most satellite-followed fleet of 600+ vehicles. When you choose TCS for your significant fares and bulky shipments, you have a variety of choices to select from.

The E-Retail portal and site enable clients to check the status of their shipments. Each shipment is screened by the client, as well as exhorted over specific shipments. Clients can give their proctors access to the following through API Integration to keep them on top of their requests.

TCS International Tracking

TCS offers delivery not only domestically, but also International Tracking . It is offering delivery to more than 220 countries. It provides fast and secure delivery globally. You can import or export documents or parcels worldwide through TCS. In this scenario, you can track your delivery through the reference ID.

TCS COD Tracking

For online retailers who are offering cash on delivery services, this is a useful procedure. The COD system also called E-Retail will be beneficial in terms of sending the delivery. You can track the parcel you’ve sent through the online tracking process and it is one of the easiest and most convenient ways.

Logistics Tracking

The best and most reputable courier companies provide both local and global delivery services. Courier organizations offer a couple of essential services that individuals will continuously demand. Besides, when you’re looking for an incredible courier company, you ought to adhere to the following administrations to get on-time conveyance. Deliveries from an outstanding cross-country courier company are consistently delivered in a timely manner.

Air Tickets Tracking 

Pk TCS is also providing Air ticket service and through this, you can easily search for the best and most economical packages for travelling. TCS Travel gives this benefit to the customers and this is so helpful in different terms.

TCS Tracking by your Account Number

Using your account number, you can track a TCS Tracking id parcel. You can use your TCS Pakistan Tracking account number to keep track of your delivery shipment without any hassle if you already have one. All you have to do is mention your account number on the parcel when you send it. Many e-Commerce business owners are using this method since it is reliable and simple.

HEC Degree Attestation Services

Degree attestation services are offered by Higher Education Commission through couriers in Pakistan and abroad. The TCS attests to all educational degrees and transcripts in Pakistan with pride as a partner of HEC. Select TCS from the courier services option on the HEC website and select degree attestation as a courier. Printed applications from HEC’s website can be taken to any TCS Pakistan Tracking center within your area and signed along with photocopies of your documents, and fees can be paid there.

Charges for Delivery

In order to ship all items, they must conform to the company’s terms and conditions. Standard delivery is based on the package size and the destination, all the more in cases of items exceeding the standard size. If the package size exceeds the standard size, the weight will be determined based on the volume. Those who send heavier or bigger packages, and those who are sending them to other cities, will be charged more.

Here are a few rates for the delivered TCS Courier Tracking charges from its clients

  • Under 2kg, Rs. 100 if the delivery is for within the city
  • Between 2kg-5k Rs. 200 if the delivery is for within city
  • Between 5kg-25kg Rs. 250 if the delivery is for within city

Note: The rates vary from one place to other. So, you may get charged more or less depending on the location of delivery.

TCS Offices

The address with contact information about different branches of TCS Pakistan Tracking is given below. You can click on them and check the details here.


The last thing we will do is tell you about a helpline that you can contact to get updated on your order and parcel delivery. The TCS helpline number is:

  • +1111 23456

The consultant will inform you about the whole package or delivery as soon as you provide them with information about your order. The above strategies may not deliver ample results, but this is such a convenient way. The TCS Customer Service provide quality work for the user in Pakistan and others all country. If you have any problem so you will must contact on TCS Customer Service and share your problem after TCS Customer Service solve your problem.


  • Can I use my CNIC to check my bill?

With regret, we would inform you that the monthly bill cannot be checked with the help of your CNIC. It can only be checked with the help of your 14-digit consumer number. 

  • How can I check my monthly bill?

You can check the monthly amount charged to you in the form of a bill by putting your 14-digit consumer number, or you may call it the TCS Parcel Tracking number, TCS Tracking ID. 

  • Can we trust TCS for its promises and deliveries?

Pakistani transportation company TCS carries out logistics and dispatch. The company’s Karachi and Lahore offices are the fastest value-based printing offices in Pakistan. With this introduction, there is no need for you should show your concern over the safety and security of your deliveries when it comes to TCS Tracking Pakistan online.

  • How much time does TCS take to deliver?

It depends on whether the parcel is delivered to an area or a specific location. You can expect the delivery to take 24 to 48 hours if it is inside your city! We plan to stay at each city destination for no more than two days. You can place your parcel delivery online, and within 60 minutes, the parcel will be delivered to the desired office.

  • In transit stands for?

It indicates where it is headed if the tracking status is “In Transit.” Prior to being delivered to the beneficiary, the package needs to pass through the various entities of the transportation company. The tracking status “Deferred” indicates the conveyance date will probably be delayed due to unanticipated occurrences of a strategic nature. The transporter will update the shipment following in the next few days.

  • What are the charges for deliveries made to Pakistan?

The complete rate list for the charges based upon the number of kilograms is mentioned above for your convenience in the charges of Deliveries section. 

  • Is there any process for cancelling my TCS order?

Yes, you can. By making a call to the helpline or even emailing to their official email address. The telephone helpline number is mentioned here for your convenience, as well as the official email id. 

Helpline as +92 (21) 111 123 456. 

Email at [email protected].

  • Are deliveries made on Sundays?

We don’t deliver parcels on Sundays. On Sundays, only specific parcels that are charged extra can be delivered.

  • TCS International Tracking a safe and reliable source?

Pakistan’s biggest and most trusted courier company TCS is known to be the best and the most affordable and hence the most trusted service in both the local and international markets. As a result, TCS operates in more than 220 countries and covers more than 3,500 destinations.

  • What is a tracking number?

A tracking number TCS or TCS Tracking Number is a 14-digit number that allows you to track your parcel right before and after it is delivered by the TCS Pakistan Tracking Number. Further, this number is allocated to every person who has booked a delivery through TCS Tracking Number. This is a unique number, and it is allocated to each and every individual who walks in for dispatching his or her parcel to their loved ones. TCS Tracking by mobile number is good service.

TCS Tracking Number TCS is based on API integration, which gives TCS items and administrations the ability to integrate with business applications. API integration of TCS products and services will not just simplify coordination but will also increase efficiency.

With the presentation of another advanced arrangement, TCS Pakistan Tracking seeks to smoothen out business processes and provide service without lifting a finger and with comfort. Customers can make the process of obtaining transportation products easier by integrating this arrangement into their business applications. That’s all about TCS Tracking Pakistan online.

TCS Consignment Tracking

If you have send any consignment through tracking TCS Consignment Tracking so its very easy because TCS Tracking pk send your  biggest Consignment safely and secure. If you check your shipment so just open site and enter TCS Consignment Number and track your TCS Consignment Tracking.