TCS Tracking – Track Your Courier, Parcel & International Shipment

Is there any package you’ve been thinking of sending to your friends and loved ones? There is one thing that you need to keep in your mind that there are chances that your parcel may not end up on time. And for this, you don’t have to worry about anything. We have got you covered with some of the most finest courier services in Pakistan. We are here to provide you with tcs tracking service, so you don’t have to worry. Customers can grasp an entire picture of their businesses with TCS’ access to its services. Their delivery team delivers all packages on time and without any hassle. For several years, TCS provider has delivered affordable packages across Pakistan through its service. Branches are located in most major cities of Pakistan for the convenience of its citizens.

What is TCS Tracking

Pakistani transportation company TCS carries out logistics and dispatch. The company’s Karachi and Lahore offices are the fastest value-based printing offices in Pakistan. Further, the TCS company also offers mechanized stuffing facilities and inclusion services. They claim that they are Pakistan’s fastest Digital Production Printing Facility located in Karachi and Lahore. This production facility is capable of producing more than 2,000,000 impressions and 600,000 stuffings of envelopes every day.

Likewise, the office permits duplex printing, making it possible to efficiently print on two sides on the same sheet of paper, effectively reducing costs. Through digitized optical reading systems, filling machines can disentangle the whole printing process resulting in top-of-the-line efficiency and quantity. Using this new technology, TCS can print these reports, no matter what their requirement is.

Tcs tracking

TCS Courier Tracking Mechanism

In terms of convenience and quality, TCS Courier Tracking System offers the best features. By using this feature, you will be able to keep a record of all of your shipments and identify when their shipments will be delivered. Further, the tracking facility of TCS provides a brief overview of each of the packages sent through it. In addition, the TCS courier tracking service allows you to keep track of the delivery of all your packages. The company provides unique numbers to do this. TCS Tracking Numbers are known as this number.

How Can I Track My TCS Parcel

Taking Tcs Tracking Online is not difficult at all. Your following number or Tcs Tracking Id will assist you in tracking your shipment. At the time of booking shipment, you will receive a receipt with the following number. With these steps, you can Track Trace Tcs Couriers. Would you mind following the steps below.

  • Whenever you make a parcel through Tcs Track Order, they allot you a Tracking number against your parcel 
  • You need to enter your shipment, parcel, or letter tracking number here in the empty space given below
  • Click on Start Tracking Now button so that the backend process starts working on it
  • Within no time, you will have the name of the area your package or shipment 

List Of TCS Services Offered To Its Clients 

The simple question that would probably cross your mind if you were to use TCS for the first time in Pakistan would be how you could track the TCS consignment. We give the readers precise details about primary services and how they can track their TCS couriers here in this TCS tracking Pakistan blog.

  • Domestic Delivery
  • Mail Management System
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • TCS Travel and Visa
  • Heavy Weight Delivery
  • E-Com Solution
  • TCS Cargo
  • HEC attestation service
  • International Delivery
  • Tracking Tools
  • Leisure Travel
  • TCS Cool Control
  • Bulk Delivery
  • Self Service Centre
  • Several Banks’ postal service
  • UAE Visa and embassy service
  • Pakistan Passport service
  • Business Travel
  • Punjab Police driving license delivery service
  • Umrah Travel

Availability of TCS in UAE

TCS is committed to giving a full range of bundles and bundle benefits and delivery and after-sales services inside the UAE. Following the UAE, their administrations are designed. As a symbol of their friendship and TRUST, Pakistan has hand-skilled to them the term ‘TCS KARDO.

The reason they have turned into the nation’s co-ordinations by conveying on-time delivery and this generates trust every day, come what may, throughout the years by conveying diverse services to organizations and customers.

A mix of enthusiasm and new advances are now promised to enhance their administrations to improve the effectiveness of their clients and simplify and improve the everyday lives of their customers.

They may also expand their logistical and air services beyond the outskirts to create new shipping routes available to Pakistan due to the emerging opportunities in the province.


To track TCS Courier shipments, Track Messenger provides an online program that provides worldwide positioning. Instead of visiting the messenger area or calling the customer assistance center, we can check the current status of the bundle. TCS Courier’s contact information is provided for each urban community here. In addition to telephone numbers and email addresses, the data includes office addresses as well.

  • Increment conveyance
  • Client trust
  • Significant experiences
  • Increment loyalty
  • Increment clients
  • Streamline assistance
  • Increment brand mindfulness
  • Wise choices
  • Conveyance experience
  • Drive commitment

TCS Courier App

TCS offers a mobile app that tracks TCS courier deliveries so that you can manage all the details with ease. It keeps a real-time record of the movement of a vehicle on the road and can be used as an app for vehicle tracking. During the shipping process, you can track a lot of information concerning the TCS shipping employees, including their positions and boarding.

Because of this, this free software application is made available in English for the users of the TCS pk vehicle tracking app. As well as your iPhone, you can download this app for your Android phone. 4.72MB of data are contained in this document.


In terms of client service, TCS excels. It is also providing numerous ways for following the shipment. It is up to the customers to choose which direction to follow regarding their shipments. Tcs Shipment Tracking system has got some of the most advanced systems. 

Most people think that tracking their package via mail or online is difficult. TCS has now introduced a system that sends numbers, URLs to the collector’s number to focus more on business.

The E-Retail portal and site enable clients to check the status of their shipments. Each shipment is screened by the client, as well as exhorted over specific shipments. Clients can give their proctors access to the following through API Integration to keep them on top of their requests.

Tracking in Pakistan

TCS ensures that the following cycle is as simple and straightforward as possible for their clients with Parcel Monitor. The mail track status can be accessed quickly by entering the TCS bundle ID. Enter the following number and it will receive updates about local or international shipments in real time.

In addition to encouraging their clients, TCS gains from this cycle. It offers a wide range of intelligent delivering arrangements inside Pakistan because it has the most prominent retail network in Pakistan and the most satellite-followed fleet of 600+ vehicles. When you choose TCS for your significant fares and bulky shipments, you have a variety of choices to select from. You can find out exactly what to do, followed, and observed, swiftly and efficiently with us.

Driving License Tracking

For the management of driving permits, a large percentage of the nation uses the electronic framework. Managing a driving license involves various tasks, such as web-based tracking and checking of drivers’ permits.

Likewise, Pakistan utilizes this system in a few areas for better productivity and to achieve work efficiency, just like numerous parts of the world. The company offers this process to its customers as well.

Debit Card Tracking

Whatever reason you are shipping a package, knowing it will show up on time is a genuine relief, regardless of whether it is for family, companions, or legitimate reasons. Trustworthy shipping administrations allow their clients to track their shipments.

Our nation has the TCS messenger administration. The top messenger administration in the country is TCS by a wide margin. Individuals rely on TCS to send various packages throughout the country since it provides quick and reliable service.

Logistics Tracking

The best and most reputable courier companies provide both local and global delivery services. Courier organizations offer a couple of essential services that individuals will continuously demand. Besides, when you’re looking for an incredible courier company, you ought to adhere to the following administrations to get on-time conveyance. Deliveries from an outstanding cross-country courier company are consistently delivered in a timely manner.

They make new conveyances based on the client’s private information at the point where they give the group. According to their customers, some companies are swift with their pack delivery, so they are more successful. All these administrations are provided by TCS express and logistic tracking.

Airtickets Tracking 

TCS provides the office with free access to track shipments. There is no need for the client to travel to the TCS office to collect the package. It is delivered to their home while they are seated.

Tracking a shipment can be done in numerous ways. TCS has been helping Pakistani individuals for several years. Could we please clarify them so that you can follow the shipment easier. Additionally, TCS provides its clients with access to visa offices.

“Visatronix” is the name of this office. TC provides B2B services to Canada, Malaysia, Belgium, India, Spain, and Italy. TC Visatronix gives B2B services for Canada, Malaysia, Belgium, India, Spain, and Italy. There isn’t anything holding up the process of getting visas for the UK, USA, the UAE, Dubai, Qatar; in any case.

A separate agreement with Daraz. TCS also signed with the premier online shopping store Daraz. Pk in 2016. Online business website Daraz is the most popular in Pakistan. Whenever you book a shipment or package at the TCS office, you will receive a receipt. If you would like to follow your package, you can call the following number. The following methods can be used to keep track of your TCS bundle.

Application Tracking 

In addition to its airplane tasks, conveyance vehicles, and dispatches, TCS maintains a few thousand areas inside Pakistan and internationally. TS has been assigned the duty of transporting machine-consistent travel papers.

The Indian Embassy, for example, provides visa application accommodation and transportation services. In addition, TCS maintains a business relationship with UPS. 

TCS Tracking by the Tracking Number

You can track TCS Pakistan’s complete delivery or shipment history by entering the tracking number. Following the tracking number is all it takes to track the package. Tracking IDs or numbers are items that will be provided to you by the TCS representative for use in tracking a shipment.

TCS Tracking by Use of Email

Tracking your TCS order or parcel with your email has become the second most popular method. You will be asked for your email address as well as the tracking number as you click the link. As you do this, you will be assigned a box so you can enter your email address and the tracking number. Upon finishing, you will receive the information along with the tracking number on your email address.

TCS tracking by using Reference Number

You will use your PTCL number or passport as a reference number on the next page to enter your account number. By using this page or this link, you will be able to track or find your shipment quickly. Alternatively, you can track our delivery shipment by using your passport number or your PTCL number. Don’t forget to include it in the package while submitting it.

TCS Tracking by your Account Number

Using your account number, you can track a TCS parcel. You can use your TCS Pakistan account number to keep track of your delivery shipment without any hassle if you already have one. All you have to do is mention your account number on the parcel when you send it. Many e-Commerce business owners are using this method since it is reliable and simple.

HEC Degree Attestation Services

Degree attestation services are offered by Higher Education Commission through couriers in Pakistan and abroad. The TCS attests to all educational degrees and transcripts in Pakistan with pride as a partner of HEC. Select TCS from the courier services option on the HEC website and select degree attestation as a courier. Printed applications from HEC’s website can be taken to any TCS center within your area and signed along with photocopies of your documents, and fees can be paid there.

Tracking with SMS

SMS access is another method of gaining access. SMS can also be used to get the monitoring service. In order to send your message to +923332177168, you will need to cite your tracking access in the SMS. Your package will be assessed based on the details you provided.


The last thing we will do is tell you about a helpline that you can contact to get updated on your order and parcel delivery. The TCS helpline number is +9221111123156, where you can make a name for yourself. The consultant will inform you about the whole package or delivery as soon as you provide them with information about your order. The above strategies may not deliver ample results, but this is such a convenient way.

Charges for Delivery

As a result, TCS provides some unique services and the most extensive private network inside Pakistan. In order to ship all items, they must conform to company terms and conditions. Standard delivery is based on the package size and the destination, all the more in cases of items exceeding the standard size. If the package size exceeds the standard size, the weight will be determined based on the volume. Those who send heavier or bigger packages, and those who are sending them to other cities, will be charged more.

Here are a few rates for the delivers Tcs Courier Tracking charges from its clients

  • Under 2kg, Rs. 100 if the delivery is for within city
  • Between 2kg-5k Rs. 200 if the delivery is for within city
  • Between 5kg-25kg Rs. 250 if the delivery is for within city


  • Can I use my CNIC to check my bill?

With regret, we would inform you that the monthly bill cannot be checked with the help of your CNIC. It can only be checked with the help of your 14 digit consumer number. 

  • How can I check my monthly bill?

You can check the monthly amount charged to you in the form of a bill is by putting your 14 digit consumer number, or you may call it the Tcs Parcel Tracking number. 

  • Can we trust TCS for its promises and deliveries?

Pakistani transportation company TCS carries out logistics and dispatch. The company’s Karachi and Lahore offices are the fastest value-based printing offices in Pakistan. With this introduction, there is no need that you should show your concern over the safety and security of your deliveries when it comes to Tcs Tracking Pakistan.

  • How much time does TCS take to deliver?

It depends on whether the parcel is delivered to an area or a specific location. You can expect the delivery to take 24 to 48 hours if it is inside your city! We plan to stay at each city destination for no more than two days. You can place your parcel delivery online, and within 60 minutes, the parcel will be delivered to the desired office.

  • In transit stands for?

It indicates where it is headed if the tracking status is “In Transit.” Prior to being delivered to the beneficiary, the package needs to pass through the various entities of the transportation company. The tracking status “Deferred” indicates the conveyance date will probably be delayed due to unanticipated occurrences of a strategic nature. The transporter will update the shipment following in the next few days.

  • What are the charges of deliveries made for Pakistan?

The complete rate list for the charges based upon the number of kilograms is mentioned above for your convenience in the charges of Deliveries section. 

  • Is there any process for canceling my TCS order?

Yes, you can. By making a call to the helpline or even emailing to their official email address. The telephone helpline number is mentioned here for your convenience, as well as the official email id. 

Helpline as +92 (21) 111 123 456. 

Email at [email protected].

  • Are deliveries made on Sundays?

We don’t deliver parcels on Sundays. On Sundays, only specific parcels that are charged extra can be delivered.

  • Tcs International Tracking a safe and reliable source?

Pakistan’s biggest and most trusted courier company TCS is known to be the best and the most affordable and hence the most trusted service in both the local and international markets. As a result, TCS operates in more than 220 countries and covers more than 3,500 destinations.

  • What is a tracking number?

A tracking number or Tcs Tracking Number is a 14 digit number that allows you to track your parcel right before and after it is delivered by the TCS. Further, this number is allocated to every person who has booked a delivery through TCS. This is a unique number, and it is allocated to each and every individual who walks in for dispatching his or her parcel to their loved ones. 


TCS Tracking is based on API integration, which gives TCS items and administrations the ability to integrate with business applications. API integration of TCS products and services will not just simplify coordination but will also increase efficiency.

With TCS Sentiments, users can send cakes, gifts, and flowers to Pakistan to enhance connections and demonstrate their care for the country. A variety of Pakistani designers contribute to the carefully curated collections of Studio by TCS, which promotes Pakistani style at its best.

With the presentation of another advanced arrangement, TCS seeks to smoothen out business processes and provide service without lifting a finger and with comfort. Customers can make the process of obtaining transportation products easier by integrating this arrangement into their business applications.