TCS Tracking Pakistan– Track Your Courier, Parcel online

Now today I will share my personal experience against the TCS Tracking Pakistan– Track Your Courier, Parcel online. These all the information we will share before experience. TCS Online Pakistan has been introduced for the convenience of our valued customers. When it comes to the best courier company in Pakistan, TCS Pakistan is the name that immediately comes to mind. If you’ve sent a parcel and are concerned about its delivery status, worry no more; we’ve got you covered with our exceptional courier services. With our TCS tracking ID PK service, customers can gain complete visibility into their shipments. Our dedicated delivery team ensures all packages are delivered on time and hassle-free.

For several years, TCS has been delivering affordable and efficient services across Pakistan through its PK-TCS service. To further facilitate our customers, TCS branches are strategically located in major cities across the country. TCS, short for Tranzum Courier Services Pakistan, is a trusted name in the industry.

What is TCS Tracking Pakistan

Check Courier Online

Tracking your shipment online is a straightforward process. When you book a shipment, you’ll receive a receipt containing a tracking ID for TCS online tracking. Follow these simple steps to check your shipment’s status:

  • Obtain the tracking number provided by TCS Pakistan, usually found on the receipt or in the shipping confirmation email.
  • Visit the official website of the courier service handling your shipment (for example, TCS).
  • Look for the “Track Shipment” or “Track Package” option, typically found on the homepage or in the main menu.
  • Click on “Track Shipment” to access the tracking page.
  • Enter the tracking number in the provided field. This alphanumeric code uniquely identifies your shipment.

Logistics company provides heavy-weight shipment delivery services for Trade EX, LC, Home Movers, and OLE (pk tcs ole TCS Daraz) and pk tcs ole Daraz tracking.

Valentine Gifts

If you want to celebrate It’s a big opportunity for a celebrities’ Valentine event. I am a celebrity Valentine’s event on a huge platform and send many gifts for my lovers, family, friends, and relatives.  It’s a very easy procedure just open TCS official website select your products and send them to any person. Now TCS Pakistan– Track Your Courier, and Parcel online.

Courier App

TCS Pakistan also offers a user-friendly mobile app for tracking your deliveries. It’s a simple process:

  • Visit your device’s app store (Play Store or App Store).
  • Search for “TCS PK” and install the application.
  • Open the app and select “Track Courier.”
  • Enter your courier’s reference number and click “Track Your TCS.”

The app will display the current status of your delivery, providing you with real-time information, including the location of TCS personnel involved in the delivery process.

TCS Tracking Pakistan

Tracking Your TCS Shipment Through 7 Easy Methods

Readers, I will share my personal experience for tracking TCS parcels through different procedures.  Follow these simple steps to ensure you can effortlessly track my TCS parcel.

Phone Number

TCS assigns unique numbers to each package during shipping, making it easy for check my TCS courier details. These numbers are typically printed as barcodes on the shipping slip. I will use a barcode scanner application to scan the barcode and retrieve the tracking number, allowing them to check their parcel status using their mobile number.

Tracking Number or ID

Today I will track my TCS shipment in Pakistan, simply I will enter my TCS ID or Tracking Number in the search bar and I will get my courier location. Yes I will dispatch a package, TCS provides me with a 10-digit tracking ID, such as 1234567890. Use this ID to check my parcel’s status.

Consignment Number (CN)

After sending my parcel, TCS provides a printed slip with a unique TCS consignment number. Through this TCS consignment number, I will track my TCS parcel within seconds using this consignment number.


Do you know TCS offers an automatic online system to check my TCS consignment? The TCS barcode is added to Transaction Certificates (TCs) for my products, I will scan the barcode and easily track my TCS courier parcel.

CNIC Number

It’s the fifth procedure for track TCS couriers. Yes, I will lose my TCS ID but I am not worried because I have my CNIC. I reached my TCS near the office and provided the agent with my CNIC number and track my parcel.

By Mobile Number

I have lost all information about my TCS parcel and can’t track my courier location. For the time I will visit the TCS office and he will guide me through this procedure. Tracking through the Mobile Number procedure is very easy just send an SMS to +92 333 2177168, with your courier information and track or track your shipment.

Via Email

It’s the last procedure for tracking my courier I will find it after the search. Through this pattern, I will find my TCS parcel.  I open my email enter my courier information and send mail to this email address [email protected].

TCS Courier Pakistan Mechanism

TCS courier system is known for its convenience and quality. Once upon a time, I sent a product, TCS calculated the maximum time it would take to reach the destination. After calculating he will provide me with an estimated delivery date based on the date and time schedules for various locations.

Online Shopping

TCS offers an online shopping portal called TCS Sentiments Express, providing a wide range of products for online shoppers in Pakistan. I am sure this TCS Sentiments Express service I will use it many times and get quality products.

Studio By TCS Generation Pakistan

Last days I will buy some clothing online plate form then I will choose Studio By TCS Generation Pakistan because he will provide wonderful quality clothing. I prefer his products to a variety of fashion-related products, including clothing for men, women, and kids.

List Of TCS Services Offered To Its Clients 

From my personal experience, TCS Pakistan provides many different services for all users. I have used almost all the services of TCS like.

  • Domestic Delivery
  • Mail Management System
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • TCS Travel and Visa
  • Heavy Weight Delivery
  • E-Com Solution
  • TCS Cargo
  • HEC attestation service
  • International Delivery
  • Tracking Tools
  • Leisure Travel
  • TCS Cool Control
  • Bulk Delivery
  • Self Service Centre
  • Several Banks’ postal service
  • UAE Visa and Embassy service
  • Pakistan Passport service
  • Business Travel
  • Punjab Police Driving License Delivery service
  • Umrah Travel

Post Delivery Feedback

TCS values customer feedback, which helps them improve their services. They collect feedback on various aspects, including delivery experience, trust, loyalty, customer satisfaction, and brand awareness. Following is the information that they get from my experience.

  • Increment conveyance
  • Client trust
  • Significant experiences
  • Increment loyalty
  • Increment clients
  • Streamline assistance
  • Increment brand mindfulness
  • Wise choices
  • Conveyance experience
  • Drive commitment

Travel And Tours

I have used many of time TCS Travel & Tours offers a variety of travel and tourism-related services, including air ticketing, hotel booking, visa facilitation, pilgrimage services, cruise bookings, tour packages, and travel insurance.

  • Air ticketing: TCS Travel & Tours can help you book air tickets for domestic and international flights.
  • Hotel booking: TCS Travel & Tours can help you book hotel rooms in Pakistan and around the world.
  • Visa facilitation: TCS Travel & Tours can help you obtain visas for travel to most countries.
  • Pilgrimage services: TCS Travel & Tours specializes in providing Hajj and Umrah services.
  • Cruise bookings: TCS Travel & Tours can help you book cruises to exotic destinations around the world.
  • Tour packages: TCS Travel & Tours offers a variety of tour packages, including group tours, family tours, and customized tours.
  • Travel insurance: TCS Travel & Tours can help you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself against financial losses in the event of a travel emergency. TCS Tracking Pakistan– Track Your Courier, Parcel online.

TCS Visatronix

In my country, the best and most reliable Visatronix service is only TCS Visatronix, because I have used many time this service. TCS Visatronix offers visa application services, including visa application assistance, documentation, stamping, tracking, and status checks.

TCS Visatronix boasts a vast network of more than 20 visa application centers spread across Pakistan, with locations in major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar. These centers provide a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • Visa application assistance
  • Visa documentation support
  • Visa stamping services
  • Visa tracking options
  • Visa status checks

To initiate the visa application process with TCS Visatronix, I can visit my nearest visa application center or utilize the online application portal. The online application process is user-friendly and straightforward, requiring you to furnish personal information, passport details, and the necessary visa application documents.

TCS COD Tracking Convenience for E-Retailers

Online retailers offering cash-on-delivery services find the TCS COD tracking system invaluable. This hassle-free online tracking method simplifies the process of monitoring parcel deliveries, making it one of the most user-friendly options.

Logistics Tracking Local and Global Excellence

Leading courier companies like TCS excel in providing both local and international delivery services. They consistently prioritize delivering shipments punctually, and customers can rely on their services for timely deliveries.

Air Tickets Tracking Your Travel Companion

TCS offers air ticket services, enabling you to search for the best and most cost-effective travel packages. TCS Travel is a valuable resource for customers seeking travel solutions.

HEC Degree Attestation Services

TCS proudly partners with the Higher Education Commission to offer degree attestation services, both in Pakistan and abroad. I am a graduate student and I will attest my educational documents and transcripts, I will select TCS as my courier service when applying through the HEC website. This straightforward process involves taking printed applications from the HEC website to a nearby TCS center within your area, along with required document photocopies and fees.

Courier Delivery Charges

To ship items with TCS, ensure they comply with the company’s terms and conditions. Standard delivery costs vary based on package size and destination, especially for items exceeding standard dimensions. Heavier or larger packages destined for other cities may incur higher charges. Here are some example rates for TCS Courier Tracking charges:

  • For packages under 2kg, the delivery within the city costs Rs. 100.
  • For packages weighing between 2kg and 5kg, the within-city delivery costs Rs. 200.
  • Packages weighing between 5kg and 25kg will incur a Rs. 250 charge for within-city delivery.

Driving License Tracking Online

TCS, known for its efficient courier services, may indirectly assist government offices or authorities in some countries in delivering driving licenses to applicants. You can easily track your driving license with TCS by using your Tracking ID Pakistan through the TCS application.

Find Your Nearest Branch

For your convenience, contact information for different TCS branches in various cities is provided. You can click on the links to access branch details:

Helpline Number

The last thing we will do is tell you about a helpline that you can contact to get updated on my order and parcel delivery. The TCS helpline is:

  • +1111 23456

FAQ Answers to Common Questions

  • Can we trust TCS for its promises and deliveries?

TCS is Pakistan’s leading logistics and courier company, known for its reliability and security in deliveries.

  • How much time does TCS take to deliver?

Delivery times depend on the destination. Expect 24 to 48 hours for within-city deliveries.

What does “In Transit” mean?

“In Transit” indicates the package is en route to its destination, passing through various checkpoints. “Deferred” suggests a likely delay.

What are the charges for deliveries made to Pakistan?

Charges vary based on the weight of the package. See the rates provided above for reference.

Is there any process for canceling my TCS order track?

By making a call to the helpline or even emailing to their official email address. The telephone helpline number is mentioned here for your convenience, as well as the official email id. 

Helpline as +92 (21) 111 123 456. 

Email at [email protected].

Are deliveries made on Sundays?

We don’t deliver parcels on Sundays. On Sundays, only specific parcels that are charged extra can be delivered.

TCS International Tracking a safe and reliable source?

TCS is Pakistan’s largest and most trusted courier company, providing secure and affordable international courier services.

What is a tracking number?

A Tracking Number is a unique 14-digit identifier assigned to each parcel, allowing customers to track their shipments through the TCS system.